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Classical Album - Windmill Village Coventry


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Classical Album - Windmill Village Coventry

Albums can be Contemporary, Classical or Traditional.  Please visit the 'Contemporary Album' page to see how the pages are designed in a magazine style, which can be double page spreads and are printed directly onto the card pages.

Traditional and Classical are different, the albums are hand-made from tradional leather, or wood, lace, actually quite a choice.  The album pages are card mount templates, the photographs are adhered behind and sealed inside the template pages.

Now traditionally, if you think back to your parents wedding album there would have been only one image per page, and probably the same size on each page.  Fashions change and this we will come full circle I have no doubt, so you may wish to jump ahead of the next ashion, rather than be 'old fashioned'.  But let it be said that there is merit for this style, simple clear pages, elegance.  The albums with one photograph per page we call the TRADITIONAL Wedding Album and using the multi-image templates in the same albums we call CLASSICAL. 

The Classical pages made with traditional card templates, may have a limited choice but it does provide the modern approach of multiple images per page in a Traditional album.

Currently we're still offering this album's photographs to be shot on traditional film or digital media.