The cortège funeral precession captured by the photographer, moves to the main funeral service where friends and family will be waiting, followed by the Order of Service.    

Image from funeral photography service East London.

Soho Road Handsworth Funeral

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This is where private and public listings of our funeral videos can be held.  You won't be able to see the private videos.  This provides a very useful service allowing guests not able to attend to feel not left out and in a more private capacity can participate in the experience.  For one of our customers attending the funeral service was too much to bear, having it recorded and viewed afterwards was the only solution.   However, for many, it allows those abroad to easily watch.

How much does a funeral cost?   Regarding our funeral video and funeral photography service you may be surprised to know that our prices are extremely reasonable, sometimes 3x less than other companies we've been told.  For further information and to discuss what we can do please call us or alternatively use the Contact page to send a message.

The funeral video or funeral photography will start from the home filming family and friends waiting for the funeral hearse or horse and carriage to arrive, an alternative method of coffin transport.   Image from funeral photography in Birmingham, followed by funeral video Solihull St.Alpheges.

FUNERAL VIDEO (& Funeral Photography) SERVICE

Romford Essex Funeral Photography

Lichfield & District Crematorium

The Fourth main Part is the Wake or Reception.

Large crouds pay respects Witton Cemetery Birmingham

congregation for funeral service handsworth
floral condolences
large crouds for interment

Grimscote Manor Hotel Sutton Coldfield Funeral Reception

The above information is based on a Video service. 

We can also provide a Photography service.

Sometimes those floral tributes can be spectacular as seen here for someone young, popular and sadly missed.

A chapel service is not always part of procedures.  Very often the funeral party arrive at the cemetery / crematorium for the interment.

A burial is often conducted by the church minister followed by back filling of the grave by the family.  Usually it can only be one or the other, either the cemetery staff do all the back filling or the family do all.

Very often traditional cultural songs are sung during this process especially for Afro-Caribbean funerals, with delightful songs originating from Jamaica and the West Indies.

This can take the form of very large crowds.  The funeral video and photographer service will record the crowds, capture the emotion and record the last visual moment of the deceased with the lowering of the coffin.

Usually crowds follow on to the reception venue for refreshments and to reminisce.  Funeral photography and video if requested will continue at the reception.

Witton Cemetery Birmingham Funeral Video

funeral statue angel

Sutton Coldfield Crematorium - Daniel Ross Funerals

Our funeral video service and funeral photography services cover many locations,

most popular are funeral videos in Coventry, funeral video in Birmingham, funeral

videos in Stratford-upon-Avon, giving a special keepsake, ideal for those unable to attend and for those overseas.  

It's also a special event paying tribute and celebration to the deceased persons life, an emotion captured for posterity.

Discrete unobtrusive consideration is always provided with the appropriate attire of a smart morning suit, funeral filming will be respectful showing consideration and sensitivity to all funeral guests.

Every funeral service video will be personally tailored, however a similar procedure which works best as follows:

the Grimstock Country House Hotel Coleshill

St.Alpheges Solihull

The Third Part is the arrival at the Crematorium / Cemetery.

East Birmingham Funeral Video

London - Romford Essex Funeral Video

funeral gathering at home

With the funeral cortège precession having moved to the chapel there can be another service conducted inside.  This can be similar to the church service and members of the family and friends of the deceased sometimes have the opportunity to say their words in respect and in doing so, pay their respectful tributes.

Again, without a funeral video recording these words and memories will quickly fade from memory.

Following the cremation if applicable, family, friends and work associates usually gather for conversation outside of the chapel.  Reading cards fixed to the flower arrangements will usually be recorded.

The Second Part is the Church service.

horse and carriage transporting coffin to cemetery

Where the funeral mourners can relax, exchange stories, have a drink and eat a buffet lunch. or as tradition with Afro-Caribbean funeral receptions, the serving of hot food.

If there's speeches this will be video recorded, photographed too if choosing the photographer option.

With this final option to our service, attendance at the reception will last up to one hour.  That's usually sufficient to capture arrivals, conversation and the buffet.  If speeches are expected then it would be advisable to add an extra hour to the video filming service.  How long we stay will usually be your decision with increments of one hour.  Sometimes we're  asked to attend all day, such as the African funeral pictured to the right, which took place in Romford Essex with a funeral photographer and funeral video package.

funeral precession video still
burial video at graveside


Handsworth Birmingham Funeral Video

Jamaican Caribbean traditional funeral food
JSPVfuneral page on Youtube funeral videos

The First Part is to begin from home.

Funeral service at St.Alphege church Solihull
coffin church funeral service

Hampton-in-Arden Funeral Video for Musician

funeral precession to the cemetery

This is the most important part for the funeral video service recording the the Eulogy.  A short summary of the deceased life, often mentioning where, when and to whom they were born and more heartfelt when spoken by a family member.

Schooling, where working life took them, who they met, the starting of a new family, achievements and humorous stories.

Delivered entirely by an offical, a clergyman, or with parts read by family members for an even more touching celebration.

Often Bible passages are read, hymns sung, music played.

It's advisable that the family discuss their intentions to have the funeral service filmed professionally by a long established funeral video specialist John Stephens Photography & Video.

precession arrives at cemetery