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Wedding photography in Stratford-upon-Avon CV37

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Wedding video in Stratford-upon-Avon CV37

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CommercialWhilst weddings are what we're most famed for, from the start I was equally trained and acted in commercial photography and video.  From making commercials to photographing conferences, we've covered  some interesting events.  Such as a UKIP conference held in Birmingham with multiple video cameras, live vision-mixed and dispalyed on the large screens either side of the speaker.  To watch Nigel Farage UKIP Leaders speech we filmed for UKIP during their 2012 Conference just click on 'Nigel Farage' Please use the JSPV Commercial logo for more information:

Funeral Services Not as strange as it first sounds, Funeral Video and sometimes photography is highly recommended even if only to capture the eulogy.  Otherwise quickly forgotten due to the emotion, the words spoken at the service unless captured won't be remembered.  It's aproud moment when family, friends ,guests and work assiciates gather to pay their respects.  

Therefore it's not disresptful to have the occassion recorded, almost expected nowadys.  Afterall, there can often

be more family and friends attending a funeral service than at wedding events. 

For more information on Funeral Video and other funeral services please click here or the Black JSPV logo.

Church of Saint Thomas More | A very different style of church.  Like our commitment which is solid as concrete, this church also made good use of that same material!

We provided a video and photography service for Tracey and Jarleth's wedding in Sheldon Birmingham.  The photography was shot on film.